February Events


Please mark your calendars for the first 2012 meeting of WeBelieve Ohio on Thursday February 16 from 10 to 11:30 am at First Congregational Church, UCC at 444 E. Broad Street in Columbus.
There are three agenda items:
Fairness and Reclaiming the Debate presented by Francis Strickland
Over the last several months several statewide advocacy groups have been active in improving communication about our issues to the general public. One of the approaches has been spearheaded by Francis Strickland. She helped organize a Fairness Summit in November of last year. This was an initial conversation to build consensus on a guiding value – or worldview – for progressivism, as well as thee sub-themes of individual opportunity, shared prosperity and government that works for all. Mrs. Strickland is attending WeBelieve to share feedback and ask for our consideration in support of the fairness message.
Candidate Forum for new Congressional District 3
This has been scheduled for Sunday Feb 26th from 4 to 5:30 pm. at Redeemer Lutheran Church located at 1555 S James Rd. This will be a question and answer forum all 4 of the democratic candidates have agreed to attend. We would like this to be supported by lay members of faith communities so they can hear from the candidates themselves how they would address issues of concern for those living in District 3 and the state of Ohio. We will have prepared questions that each candidate will answer and as time allows questions submitted by those attending.
Ohio Prophetic Voice
A new statewide religious voice is being organized with impetus coming for NE Ohio. Leaders of WeBelieve have been active and will provide an update and launch details of the effort scheduled for early May.

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