We Believe Mission Statement

We are called as people of faith and loyal Americans to be united in dialogue and action to say:

YES to justice for all
NO to prosperity for only a few;
YES to diverse religious expression
NO to self-righteous certainty;
YES to the common good
NO to discrimination against any of God’s people;
YES to the voice of religious traditions informing public policy
NO to crossing the lines that separate the institutions of Religion and Government.

We Believe Values Statement

As people of faith we believe that…
All people are created in the image of God.
All People are both equal and equally deserving of justice

As Americans we believe that…
Our governments exist for the common good of a populace that is rich with religious and cultural diversity; Every citizen has a responsibility to participate in the political process of democracy;
Every citizen has the right to make political decisions freely, without coercion or threat from any individual, group, or institution.

As American religious leaders we believe that…
God calls us to raise a prophetic voice that directly engages the powerful.
Our Prophetic voice must sound with the greatest conviction for the sake of people who are vulnerable or threatened.


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